Accumulated Dreams

Artist Books


Accumulated Dreams consists of ninety-six mesostics,thirty-two about the mid-west prairie, thirty-two about the northeast coastline, thirty-two about the southern mountain ranges. Words chosen have an association for me of those U.S. landscapes as home. I worked to evoke a sense of each place despite the constraints placed by the rules of the mesostic. Overbeaten abaca-covered small wire armatures are the visual counterpoint to the mesostics. The text is printed from polymer plates in Archer, Scala and Quadraat types on a variety of papers, hand and machine made.
One unique book hangs from a horizontal triangular frame; pages containing the mesostics – one per page – are strung together and hung around the frame, alternating with strands of the paper armatures. Accompanying the hanging piece is one copy of the text post-bound in boards. A paper-covered wire basket holds individual pages from the edition meant to be a ‘take-away’ for the viewer. Nineteen copies are post-bound.